Peshawar - Pakistan Customs authorities on Sunday seized 0.5 million Saudi riyals at the Pak-Afghan border in Torkham, officials said.

A Customs superintendent at Torkham border, Azeem Khan, told The Nation that the seized amount is equal to 20.15 million rupees in Pakistani currency.

The Customs enforcement squad personnel flagged down the car (NGR1638) carrying plastic made items to Afghanistan but during the search, the foreign currency was recovered from it. 

The officials said they are investigating the case further.

Azeem Khan also said that many people try to smuggle currency and other costly items like gold as part of money laundering. He said that a month ago, 8kg gold was seized while being transported to Afghanistan.

“In fact, they avoid money transfers via banks because FBR can lay hands on them as bank accounts can be monitored and traced. “



This is why some people sometimes try to shift their assets and money through such attempts on the border,” he added.