Karachi - Scores of demonstrators in a rally marched from Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum to Sea Breeze Plaza on MA Jinnah Road denouncing blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) chanted slogan against French President France Emmanuel Macron who defended publication of sketches depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).The rally was called by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and led by JI Karachi ameer, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman and naib ameer JI Pakistan, Asadullah Bhutto. The demonstrators were demanding Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s government to give pitiless response to French President and cease diplomatic and economic relations with France.“Boycott French products and called back Pakistan foreign mission in France and also ‘kick out’ French ambassador”, they demanded. The demonstrators put on fire effigy of French President while they also torn out his pictures. In sheer utterance, demonstrators were expressing sentiments that whole Pakistani nation was ready to sacrifice and would never allow anyone to disgrace holiness of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).They were carrying banners scribed with warning to West and anti-Muslim forces to stop their monstrous designs and discontinue activities damaging Muslims sentiments all over the world. Hafiz Naeem, while addressing rally said, “Muslims rulers are playing in hands of western world masters as they have differences among them on self-interest”.