Muslim community staged rallies in favour of US presidential candidate Joe Biden in five states including Arizona and Michigan. The leaders of the Muslim community are campaigning for Biden even outside polling stations. A large numbers of women and children are also participating in rallies. Biden victory is obvious in the Muslim community areas.

According to the details, campaign called "1 million Muslim voters" for the victory of US presidential candidate Joe Biden, led by Pakistani-American IT expert Rana Zaman Saeed is running successfully in 5 states including Arizona and Michigan. Muslims community leaders Mohammad Rehman Maqbool, Mian Mohammad Asif, Chaudhry Anwar Cheema, Syed Younis Shah, Mukhtar Ahmed Memon, Rai Khawar Kharal and Syed Kashif, a member of the Muslim community from India, Ali Shah Bukhari, Abu Bakar Khan and other leaders have also staged rallies in different areas of US for Biden support.

Speaking to the media in Chicago, Rana Zaman Saeed, head of the campaign, said that the people of India were spreading negative propaganda against the Muslim community in the United States, but with peace and love, we are campaigning for Biden and he will be the next president of USA, he added. He said Michigan has 16 seats, Aizona has 15 seats and Wisconsin has 10 seats where the Muslim community is working hard and Biden's clear majority in these states will be visible.

Syed Kashif Ali Shah Bukhari, a member of the Muslim community from India said "Biden always talks about the rights of Kashmiris, if he succeeds, he will be of great values for Kashmiris as well, and therefore, we are wholeheartedly campaigning for Biden which going successful."