ISLAMABAD   -  Pak-Afghan Youth Forum is an initiative of the rational voices of Pakistan and Afghanistan. To bring together youth of both countries more close, PAYF organised first of its kind Pak-Afghan Youth Media workshop in Islamabad for three days. The main objective of this workshop was to enhance people to people connection and provide a platform to media fraternity, academic circle and  students of both countries to sit together and work out ways to address issues in public diplomacy, lobbying and media ventures. This youth media workshop enabled the participants and speakers to interact physically rather than virtually, enabling the youth of the two nations to foster a deeper understanding and mutual respect. It also aided in promoting unique cultural exchanges between the two different nations. The three-day media workshop involved activities like interactive lectures, talks, exposure visits and other various hands-on exercises that the participants enjoyed and learned from. 

The participants also made a documentary as a part of their work during the media workshop. The documentary emphasised upon the importance of peace between the two nations and the region in general without any political involvement and motivations. 

Pak-Afghan Youth Forum intended to achieve some mutually acceptable recommendations and problem-solving initiatives through this media workshop. The Forum feels that the role of social and digital media is integral in improving the stained ties of both countries. There are insurmountable challenges that lie ahead for the youth of both nations and Pak-Afghan Youth Forum thinks that the best chance of excelling at these tasks is to collaborate and cultivate a lasting relationship amongst the youth. In the past, a direct link between the two nations’ people has always been missing, which is why this workshop is not only a learning opportunity but also an unforgettable example of the hospitality by the youth of Pakistan towards the incoming youth of Afghanistan. On the concluding ceremony of media workshop, chief guest Wajiha Akram, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and guest of honour Ahmed Shakir Qarar, Deputy Head of Mission, Afghanistan Embassy Islamabad distributed certificates and shields to the participants of media workshop. They lauded the efforts of organisers and participants and hoped that as peace ambassadors they will continue to work together to foster and promote unique cultural exchanges and media enterprises between the two nations.