ISLAMABAD  - With the start of winter nights, the business of chicken soup is getting boom in the capital where a large number of people can be seen enjoying chicken soup either by standing near soup stalls or sitting in shops and restaurants.

Chicken soup is a sole winter delicacy whose demand increases as soon as the mercury takes a dip in capital and several chicken corn soup vendors are seen in the market catering to people who love to indulge in this winter delicacy. According to shopkeepers, residents are enjoying the refreshing cool breezes caused by dropping temperature. They like to savour the salty soup to ward off cold. A citizen, Muhammad Musa, at F-10 soup stall talking to APP said that there is nothing as comforting as a bowl of hot soup to warm you up in winter.  Another customer at G-7 Sitara Market said chicken corn soup is such a good and healthy food item during the cold evenings. A shopkeeper in Jinnah Super Market said all soup vendors usually do business from start of November to the beginning of March and once winter is over, all turn to selling other summer related food items.

 A restaurant worker in Blue Area said that winter was the perfect time to earn handsome amount through selling chicken corn soup which is our trademark. Mostly families and group of youngsters are visiting our shops at night to enjoy different kinds of soups including chicken corn, hot and sour, and fish soups, said a restaurant manager.