Anyone who travels by air gives utmost importance to air safety measures and the reputation of an airline regarding safety is of paramount value in the air travel sector. It was a great shock for me when I read a news report on 29th of August saying there have been a series of very serious violations of international aviation rules on PIA flights, on PK-783 that flew from Karachi to Toronto on July 19, 2009 and PK-790 from Toronto to Karachi on July 21, 2009. I myself happened to be on the flight PK-790 which flew on 21st and would have definitely not traveled if I knew about these violations of security procedures. The report claimed that the violations had been committed by none other than the Director Flight Standards of the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan and a senior PIA Captain Naveed Aziz who operated both the aforementioned flights as the pilot in command. I must say that I did not believe the report to begin with, as I could not imagine a person of such senior and responsible position committing violations of such grave nature. If this has really happened then he risked the passengers & aircraft safety as well as reputation of the national flag-carrier by violating multiple rules on a long-range flight while going to and fro Toronto within two days. Such crucial violations would be termed an attempt at manslaughter in many civilized countries of the world. I am unaware if any inquiry that may have been initiated on the issue. I know not whether the concerned pilot was found guilty, but in my view, the incident has tarnished PIA's image irreparably in the eyes of frequent travelers like me who always prefer the 'national' airline over all others. -DR. AMNA KHAN, Ontario, September 30.