The bloodshed that has rocked Paradise Kashmir Valley has turned it into a burning Paradise. Yet, there is no end in sight of the Indian atrocities. So far 103 Kashmiris have been killed; some of them in the height of their youth, some even children and teenagers. The round-the-clock curfew keeps the unlucky people locked inside. Despite the daily tragedy, the Indian government remains indifferent, leaving the Kashmir issue unresolved. A few in the international community, and fewer (in fact, negligible number) in India, have shown some concern about the Kashmiris plight. The pity is that no one in the official hierarchy listens to the cries or appears moved by the tears of the innocent sufferers. Thousands of people rallied in AJK and Islamabad last Wednesday at the behest of a new movement that is campaigning for freedom from Indias illegal occupation of the mountainous region, and condemning the brutalities Indian security forces are committing on Kashmiris. This kind of rally for Kashmirs liberation had hardly ever been seen before. New Delhi should know that guns are no solution to the problem. The Muslims in the Valley must be given the right to decide their own destiny, in accordance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1948. By adopting this course, India would become justified in calling itself the biggest democracy of the world. SUMAIRA NAZIR, Faisalabad, September 30.