The Chairman of the Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council International Wing, Raja Habib Jalib, has congratulated Foreign Minister Qureshi on raising the Kashmir issue at the United Nations, but said that the Pakistan government need to do more work in this area. For, mere lip service cannot stop India from killing innocent civilians in Kashmir, nor it could bring any result until India gets full pressure from big powers of the world. Blaming our embassies abroad of lack of interest in pursuing the Kashmiris cause he urged them to become active and bring to the notice of their host countries the sufferings of the people at the hands of Indian security forces and their right to decide their own future, as promised to them by India and the international community. He said that China is the only country in the list of powerful nations which has taken firm stand by refusing to grant visa to the Indian General posted in Kashmir. He said that Shah Mehmmod Qureshi has made a good but it must be pursued further. He said that government should demand the right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir. Our lukewarm attitude is encouraging New Delhi to kill innocent civilians. Innumerable innocent civilians have disappeared in the custody of the armed force. They are subjected to rape, torture, extra-judicial killings. Unknown graves are a clear signal of the brutality of Indian forces in Kashmir. The Indians are becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day. Raja Jalib has sent a letter to the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, asking them to raise the issue with friendly countries to compel India to hold negotiation and solve the dispute according to UN resolutions. ASIF GEELANI, Kashmir, September 30.