Reference Muhammad Khan Sials letter on the subject (TheNation Sept 30). It is true that Kalabagh Dam would not have been able to fully contain the unprecedented floods the nation experienced lately. It is totally wrong to say, however, that Kalabagh Dam would not store flood waters but only water for irrigation. These are not two separate aspects. In fact, it is the floodwater stored in the dams that is used for irrigation. Kalabagh Dam is designed to store 6.1 million acre feet during the flood season and provide 2.2 MAF each to Punjab and Sindh for irrigation. Only Mr Sial can call 6.1 million acre feet a nominal amount. It is also wrong to say that our dams were already full before the flood season. Reservoir levels are always drawn-down before the flood season. These levels are recorded and reported regularly in the press for all to see. Had Kalabagh been there when the recent floods came, it would have helped reduce the devastation that occurred. Therefore, it is not justified to say that dams should not be built. Dams are primarily built to overcome water shortage, generate power and also control the normal recurring floods. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, September 30.