KARACHI - More than 200 staffers of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Medical College, Lyari, on Saturday stopped working following life threats from criminals of Lyari gang war. The hospital administration has confirmed the report. The administration has also confirmed that these staffers had submitted their resigns to the administration, while their resignations have yet not been accepted. An official of the college told TheNation that criminals belonging to Lyari gang war had crossed all legal and social boundaries while misbehaving with the college staffers. They sexually harassed the women staff, he added. Talking to media, Colleges Vice Principal Dr Anjum Rehman confirmed that the administration had received more than 200 resignations from their staff, and expressed her hope that these staffers including teaching and non-teaching faculty members would come on their duties from Monday. Another source said that the teaching and non-teaching staff was being harassed by some criminals. He said that female staff was being targeted largely by these criminals in face of sexual harassment. He said that the college was situated in Lyari that is why some criminals of the area do not want to allow those staffers who belong to other ethnic communities. On the other hand, College Principal Prof Iqbal Memon has also stated that the staff the college had stopped working, saying that these staffers wanted protection from the criminals of the area. Since many years, Lyari Town has become hostage by the political criminal elements. TRADERS DISCUSS DENGUE, OUTAGES: A delegation of Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry, BQATI along with Mian Muhammed Ahmed, Patron in-Chief & Founder President BQATI, President Usman Ahmed, Shakil Ashfaq, Chairman Legal and Finance Advisory Committee Farhan Ansari, Chairman Law and Order Advisory Committee and other prominent business leaders called on Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad at Governor House, the other day. During the meeting eradication of dengue, problem of loadshedding and other issued were discussed The meeting was informed that local Town offices have started fumigation in their respective areas, to eradicate the dengue mosquitoes, and associations and trade bodies should also contribute in this campaign by fumigating their respective sites, lawns etc. Fumigation machine can be used for the purpose. Dr Ebad suggested that the association should convey the message to their member industries to fumigate their respective areas. BQATI and other association assured that they will contribute in this campaign. The governor said that to overcome the electricity short fall, respective ministry is planning to have one day 24 hour gas load shedding in a week, in result electricity will be provided without any interruption. BQATI and other Trade & Industrial Associations rejected the proposal and informed that business houses have no concern whether KESC get supply from Gas company or not or get furnace oil supply or not, BQATI point were appreciated and the proposal was rejected. Businessmen raised question that the CBR is trying to impose a law on which we will be bound to get the NTN / ID Card Numbers which will not be possible for the industrialist and traders to have ID cards from every buyer, they sought the Governors help, the Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad assured the businessman and traders that he will discuss the matter with the official of CBR and Ministry of Commerce.