As if people were not already sick of the consistent price hike of petroleum products, the federal government has thrown another hike bomb on consumers that would inevitably lead to the acceleration of inflation in the coming days. This time, the petrol price has gone up by Rs 4.15 per litre, while the diesel price has been raised by Rs 1.51. Gas prices had already been raised twice during the last month that forced the people to come out on the streets and hold protest demonstrations. Even more painful is the fact that despite decline in the oil prices in the international market, the poor people of Pakistan are being subjected to further increases. No matter what explanation the authorities have to offer, it is common knowledge that such inflationary and unpopular decisions are taken to please the International Monetary Fund (IMF). By implementing its conditionalties the government hopes that the IMF might release its long-held funds. However, there has to be some rationale behind these raises to ensure that the people do not suffer, who otherwise hope that their rulers would do something to provide them relief. It is understood that any raise in petroleum prices would affect items of daily use across the board as well as increase transport fares. The government must realise that something has to be done to make life of the common man less miserable rather than burdening him with stronger inflationary pressures.