LAHORE Top police officers here in City are fighting dengue and crime together these days. At least seven policemen have died of dengue-fever while more than 400 are affected and under medical care after being tested positive. The seven policemen remained under intensive care in different public hospitals for several days but later died due to the disease, which shook the entire City since the health authorities confirmed the first death. No less than 150 people of different ages and section of life have died of the mosquito-related disease in town so far. The top police officer including the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmed Raza Tahir, DIG (Operations) Ghulam Mahmood Dogar, DIG (Investigations) Ali Amir Malik and Chief Traffic Officer SSP Ahmed Mubeen showed extraordinary love and affection for their men at this testing time. Throughout last week, they were seen visiting hospitals to inquire about the health of the dengue-affected policemen, distributing pamphlets among the motorists to create awareness and supervising massive crackdown against shop owners, petrol pumps for keeping open tyres, which are resulting in propagation of dengue mosquitoes. These senior police officers also attended the funeral prayers of the policemen who died of dengue-fever while expressing sympathy and condolence with the grieved families. Such kind gestures not only help boost the moral of the police force but also bridge the communication gap between the senior and juniors officers. On Saturday, many motorists were surprised to see Chief Traffic Officer, SSP Ahmed Mubeen and DIG (Operations) Ghulam Mahamood Dogar on the roads. They were there not to challan the motorists for violation of traffic rules but to distribute pamphlets and brochures to create awareness about the disease among the general public. This initiative is also exemplary to improve the image of the force among the ordinary people. Ahmed Raza Tahir has also warned that shops and godowns contravening government orders would be sealed. The CCPO has ordered the police to ensure complete ban on such shops and stores. He also emphasized that the citizens of Lahore are facing an emergency situation with regard to dengue virus, and Lahore Police is whole-heartedly assisting citizens in their fight against dengue. On the other hand, on the direction of Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmad Raza Tahir, SSP Investigation Abdul Razaq Cheema and SP CIA Muhammad Umer Virk handed over the stolen property including cash, cars, motorcycles, and other valuables to the rightful owners on Friday. The officers handed over the stolen property including Rs 176,000, one car, four motorcycles and other valuables to the rightful owners after adopting court procedure as laid down in the rules. The lucky owners were also surprised to see the policemen handing them over their property and valuables, which had been stolen or snatched during armed robberies. The investigations police also handed over a list of the lucky owners to the media to prove their credibility. Last week, a police official said that the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Staff (AVLS) of the police under the supervision of SSP (CRO) Sajjad Manj recovered no less than 509 stolen vehicles during the month of August and July. According to the police, 411 vehicles out of the recovered motorcycles and cars are being handed over to the rightful owners. An official said that the incidents of vehicle-theft have registered a considerable decrease since the police stepped up the crackdown against auto-lifters. He said that investigation police, apart from 74 auto-lifters, also arrested 284 POs and 234 court absconders. On Friday, the police claimed that Anti-Vehicle Lifting Staff smashed six gangs of auto-lifted and recovered 295 cars from their possession. During the preliminary interrogation, at least 205 cases from Lahore and 45 cases from other districts were traced against the arrested bandits, whereas 45 cases of tampered vehicles are being traced. Police said that 205 recovered vehicles are being handed over to their rightful owners. A police official further said that the investigation police had planned to hold a press briefing to hand over the keys of the vehicles to the owners but due to the dengue, the plan has been cancelled because several officers including SP CRO Sajjad Manj are under treatment after being affected by the disease.