Our Staff Reporter KARACHI - 'Supply chain is the at the core of corporate success and profit maximisation for concerned companies is best possible by implementing an affective supply chain management process stated by Qayser Alam, President Supply Chain Association of Pakistan (SCAP), who is serving Unilever Pakistan as the VP Supply Chain. He addressed top professionals in the Supply Chain And Logistics Pakistan conference which was organised by Terrabiz in association with SCAP on 1st October 2011 in a local hotel. Qayser expressed his views on the core competence of local industries in Pakistan who are achieving their goals by a continuous improvement in the supply chain process. He also highlighted that Unilever Pakistan believes on market differentiation and the demand supply gap is always a key indicator of this strategy. Hamza Wasi Hashimi gave the welcome address for SCALP conference in which he broadly spoke about exploring this profession and giving platforms in terms of conferences and training programmes to strengthen the competencies. The pharmaceutical sector was represented by Hanif Ajari Director Strategic Development Getz Pharma, who showed a real picture of this profession. He expressed his view that the theory ends where supply chain begins in Pakistan. The main challenge is to meet the supply demand gap specially when a big part of the country is affected by heavy floods and this is where local experts of supply chain play a vital role, said Ajari. His presentation well connected the theoretical aspects to the real examples as he is also the Vice President of ICMAP and working for the excellence of this profession. Supply Chain in Pakistan is also affected by the external drivers which are now a part of our domestic issues. The audience also got the chance to hear international experts like Dr John Paul Managing Director, iCognitive, Singapore, Professor, Research Fellow of Bordeaux School of Management-France and Founder Member of South East Asia Chapter of Supply Chain Council; Dr. Paul shared his experience based on consultancy work in major countries of the world and also in Pakistan. During his one week trainings to the local industry from Terrabiz platform he came across developing risk strategies in the Sales & Operation Planning to accelerate the supply chain process. He emphasized that its not only in Pakistan but all over the world that companies are in the process of safeguard their supply chain by increasing number of natural disasters and obvious domestic risks. He also took an active participation from the audience and proposed risk management strategies to strengthen the supply chain management. Strategic leadership for supply chain management was presented by Mr. Usman A. Ghani Professor of Strategy and Associate Director, Center for Responsible Business and Sustainability, University of Texas USA, Senior Vice President, Harvard Business School Club.