NEW DELHI - In a rather surprise move, Indian air force has deployed Sukhoi Su-30 combat planes at the Jodhpur air base, reported Indian media on Saturday. The Pakistan border (in Sindh province) is a just minutes flight away. Top Indian defence experts say that this will be the first time a squadron of the Su-30MKI aircraft is being placed so close to Pakistan border. The squadron assumed its duties from Saturday. The planes arrived in Jodhpur from Pune couple of days ago. The twin-engined Russian-origin Sukhoi Su-30, with a capacity to touch 2 Mach or 2,450 kmph speeds, are now produced under licence in India. These war birds are set to get deadlier with the integration of the supersonic BrahMos cruise missiles very soon. The aircraft has a range of 5,200 km and a capacity to carry 8,000 kg of warheads. The Sukhoi squadron will have 16 aircraft in its inventory.