ISLAMABAD The Indonesian Government has dispatched a medical team of dengue experts to assist Pakistani authorities in their fight against dengue fever outbreak. The twenty=member team, led by the Advisor to the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Drs. Bambang Guritno, arrived at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport on Friday night and consisted of dengue experts, environmental health experts and paramedics. The team has also brought with them one ton of medicines, medical equipments, fumigation machines, blood analyzers and lab material to serve the ailing humanity. Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Mr Ishak Latuconsina, who welcomed the team at the Airport, informed the media that the team has been dispatched by the Indonesian Government in response to a special request from the Government of Pakistan. He said the arrival of the medical team was yet another manifestation of the all weather friendship between the two countries and that Indonesian people cared for their brethren in Pakistan. He further elaborated that the team would be based in Lahore which is the hardest hit by the epidemic. The team would remain in the provincial capital for about two weeks to asses the gravity of the epidemic and would suggest its recommendations to the Government of Punjab to curb the dengue fever outbreak.