OUR STAFF REPORTER SADIQABAD The family of a labourer staged a sit-in outside the court of an additional sessions judge here against the kidnapping of their head by two brick kiln owners who had earlier kidnapped the formers 20 members for allegedly demanding their wages. However, the sit-in continued for almost four hours and the victims dispersed then with no arrest of the accused and without the victims recovery. On the petition of Shaukat Ali, the abductee, the court of A&SJ Malik Shabbir Ahmad Awan had ordered to release his family members whom were allegedly in illegal detention of Khalil Kamboh and Riaz Ahmad, the brick kiln owners. Later, the petitioner was again abducted on gunpoint by the same abductors and their armed accomplices as soon as the formers came out of the court room after the judges verdict in his favour. The victim was taken to an unknown place. In his petition, the victim had pleaded that Khalil Kamboh employed him at his brick kiln in Iqbalabad. Later, the employer, offered him to bring his other family members for working at the brick kiln and they would be paid, he added. But, he, said, when they demanded their wages, the employer refused to do so and also abused them. Afterwards, he said, the employer detained his wife, children and other relatives on gunpoint since they had refused to continue working. The detainees included one and half years Kajal, his wife Tasleem, his children Meena (5), Parveen (3), Totel, Sadiq, Shalina, Shabina, Meeran, Shakila, Haseen, Suleman, Fareed, Habeeb Kotu, Jannat, Zar Khan and Farzana. Subsequently, the local police had refused to take action against the owners for their illegal detention. Having accepted the petition as maintainable, the court had ordered the police to present the abductees before it. In the verdict, it had released them forthwith with directives that if they wanted to initiate a case against the accused they get case filed with the Iqbalabad police station. Punjab issues Rs20m to secure law enforces: The Punjab government has issued a sum of Rs20 million to beef up security of the offices of Rahim Yar Khan, Sargodha and Pakpatan district police offices as well as of Faisalabad Police Lines. The government issued the funds for the construction of boundary walls, gates and fences to secure the police buildings. It will spend Rs2.5 million on Rahim Yar Khan DPO office, about Rs18 million on Faisalabad Police Lines, Rs278,000 on Sargodha DPO office, Rs214,000 on the office of Sargodha regional police officer and Rs286,000 will be spent on the Pakpatan DPO office. The government of the Punjab has decided to enhance the police buildings security in wake of the directives issued by the Ministry of Interior last week. Earlier, the district police of Rahim Yar Khan put the security of police and other government buildings on high alert after the warning. The police continued a general hold-up wherein they conducted search and snap checking across the district. On all the roads leading to the officer of the district coordination officer, the law enforces kept on checking vehicles and motorbikes. Likewise, additional contingent of police was deployed at the entry and exit points of the city. As per the directives issued by the ministry, terrorists riding a vehicle loaded with explosive material can carry out terrorist activity in the city. It was also feared that the terrorists might take aim at police building. Therefore, the security was put on high alert.