ISLAMABAD - According to a plan, water releases are being decreased from the dams and thus it will also decrease the hydel power generation and will resultantly increase power shortfall to more than 6,000 megawatts a day. It has earlier been reported by TheNation that power shortfall might break all previous records by touching the figure of 7,500 megawatts as 2,000 megawatts electricity generation through hydel resources will be cut down in the next two days. As per available data, power generation is 11,257 megawatts against its demand of 17,277 MW. Hydel generation is reported to be at 5,242 MW that was more than 6,000 MW just two days ago. WAPDA thermal are adding 1,260 MW in the national grid, independent Power Producers are generating 4,620 MW and rental power plants are contributing 127 MW in the system. It is pertinent to mention here that despite 3,000 MW additions in the installed capacity, as claimed by the government, power crisis is worsening with each passing day. Certain quarters believe it is just because of lazy attitude of power distribution companies staff. It is worth mentioning here that PEPCO this year faced a short recovery of Rs 100 billion that caused non-payments to IPPs thus making it difficult for them to carry on generation process to the maximum limit.The government is still unable to pay IPPs or provide them fuel to generate electricity that might cause in decreasing generation through IPPs as well. Hydel generation would also go down more that would at least increase shortfall by 1,000 MW more thus making pushing the shortfall to over 7,000 MWs. With 5,000 megawatt or little more shortfall there was an average loadshedding of 7-8 hours dividing it with different ratio on different areas. Especially remote areas and villages were facing around 14-16 hours loadshedding but if the figure touches to 7,000 megawatt, masses around the country would hardly see electricity, an official of the ministry of water and power said.