Marvi Memon What is our dream and vision for our Naya Pakistan? Can we share a dream, a joint vision, despite being from different provinces, sects and social strata? I believe we can, since we are humans with same basic needs. The utility of a joint dream, however obvious and basic, is that it will give us a need for a joint resolve to make the dream come true. So, dream a little please. We dream of a Pakistan where all provinces will be woven together, as one country by just equitable power and resource sharing, and respect for each others diversity. Where the principles of federation are practised versus just stated. Where the provinces will come together because of the ethos of Pakistaniyat that is non-existent today; this ethos was built on 'unity, faith, discipline and humanitarian values. Where each districts natural and human resources are recorded, projected, increased, harnessed for the district, for the province and then for Pakistan. Where development occurs as a result of the need for standardised services versus political influence. Where development works together with climate change challenges. A Pakistan which will cater for the backwardness of certain geographical areas by intelligent use of quota systems bringing all of Pakistan at par within a stipulated timeframe. Where there will be food security, energy security, and water security for all. Where the local government delivers clean water, sewerage lines, electricity, gas, schools, healthcare centres and all civic amenities at standardised quality and rates across Pakistan. A Pakistan which will give the poor safety nets on merit, instead of making them beggars. Which will promote higher education, vocational training and provide a link between education and employment. Where the government is not a prime employer, but an enabler of employment. Where State-owned enterprises are not a drain on the exchequer, but profitable revenue generating machines since their management will be competent, honest and amalgamated into one corporate entity. Where entrepreneurship, innovation and foreign and local investment are encouraged through an enabling environment. A Pakistan which will be ruthless on its ability and will to tax all incomes without overtaxing those already in the net, while ensuring that the agriculture and industrial rich are not kept out of the net. A Pakistan which will create economic efficiencies with the best of communication systems and infrastructure by using its geo-strategic position as a driver of success, and international investment/expertise also. Which will manage population growth for a demographic dividend and ensure that agricultural and industrial labour works at optimal levels in the best working conditions. Where industrial and agricultural reforms drive GDP growth rates. A Pakistan where there will be zero tolerance for corruption, nepotism, human rights violations against women and minorities, and discrimination based on sect, religion, or province. Where the judiciary is monitored for corruption and there is plenty of it to manage the caseload, and where the executive is not allowed to do contempt of the judiciarys decisions. Where there will be across-the-board accountability for breaking the law, with certainty of punishment for all, especially the ruling elite, who consider themselves above the law. Where elections are not fraudulent, and competent and sincere leaders are elected instead of looters. A Pakistan where there will be a police that performs its duty honesty. Where there is an end to political influence on policing and criminalisation. A Pakistan which will make the world see the security threats faced by it and lobby enough support to remove these threats through negotiations versus proxies. A Pakistan which will reduce external interference, protect its sovereignty and move out of the aid trappings into self-sufficiency. Which will identify the enemies of Pakistan and either neutralise them through negotiation or eliminate them through force. Which will enforce the writ of State, disallow private militia, extend crackdown on criminal gangs inside political parties, and be tough on separatist forces. Which will not allow its territory to be used for launching attacks on other countries, nor will it allow them to launch strikes inside its own territory by having better writ of State. Which will rid Pakistan of the foreign occupying neo-colonial forces fast. A Pakistan which will make headway in resolving all outstanding neighbouring disputes (including Kashmir) and spread peace within and without, with zero tolerance for double games. Which will promote the economic network of dependencies and encourage healthy bilateral economic ties with all strategic partners. Which will concentrate on resolving all disputes with its neighbours, so that economic efficiencies are eliminated, and more education, more health, and more trade become regional buzz words. A Pakistan which will ensure that the military will be under Parliament. A military which will maintain nuclear deterrence and a respectable versus overbearing conventional force after the government has made progress towards resolving its outstanding disputes. Where the military will have all provinces equally represented, where its professionalism ensures a steel defence for Pakistans borders, and where its cuts ensure contribution to social indicators. Now, please stop dreaming. And simply ask yourself what is keeping you away from your dream and vision? It is just you - yourself Please stop three things and you will be a contributor versus a spoiler of this picture-perfect dream. Firstly, do not vote for all those parties that are in power today. You have tried them numerous times and they have given you a close to a failed State, which has no resemblance to your picture perfect Naya Pakistan. Secondly, ensure that you abide by the law at all times, follow the ethos of Pakistaniyat, and pay your taxes. Keep a hawks eye on all those who dont do the same. Dont create your special shortcuts to the law that have made Pakistan a mess. Follow procedures for a developed country. Thirdly, start getting ready to contribute through your skills, and your support for the alternative collective leadership political party that will take Pakistan to greatness. You have made achieving this vision complicated. Make a new resolve today. Build and be part of the new alternative to making it simple. Your destiny is in your own hands The writer is a former Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan.