KARACHI - If US loses the war against terrorism and left Afghanistan without a result acceptable to all, it would be disastrous for the US, Pakistan and the region, said Brian Katulis, member of independent progressive think tank of America. During his media talk at a local hotel on Saturday, he while commenting on recent turmoil between USA and Pakistan, he said that strong reaction from Pakistan side against the statement of Mike Mullen was surprise and strange because same kind of statements were made by the US government officials in the past but the latter had not reacted strongly. Brian, who currently associates with the Centre for American Progress, is visiting Pakistan under exchange visitors programme of State Department of USA Government. He is an expert on Middle East and South Asia and represents the progressive critique on conservative policy debate within the US. While answering the queries he touched the topic from US national security policy and over all policy towards South Asia, future of Afghanistan, US and Pakistan relations and what needs to be done in this region for peace and stability. He termed the statements as emotional reaction over Mullens statement, underlining the need to continue strategic alignment between Pakistan and the US to deal with the terrorism issue in Afghanistan. He also advocated for contacts of people outside the governments. Speaking about the Pakistans security establishment and political parties step to give peace a chance, he said that Obama administration had started same approach of reconciliation in 2009.