The memories of unearthing mass graves in the Indian-held Kashmir had not vanished that the states Chief Minister, an Indian puppet, picked up the courage to offer an apology for the rape of 1400 women, predominantly Muslim, in the Valley committed during the past five years, obviously, by the Indian security forces stationed there. This list does not include numerous cases of similar crimes committed against women, who live in remote areas where the police would not even register an FIR. This is one reflection of the atrocities that the occupation forces have unleashed against the innocent Kashmiri people. What is further agonising is the fact that only one person has been convicted on the rape charges. The list of these unfortunate women, including their parentage, was provided to the state legislature when a member sought complete information about reports of sexual abuses by the army and police personnel. Where are the international community and all the champions of human rights who have kept mum over such a heinous crime against women for so long? What is the United Nations and its allied institutions doing? Moreover, why the Pakistan government has not raised a hue and cry over this crime against humanity? It is better late than never. Our Foreign Office must lodge a strong protest with New Delhi and at all possible international forums.