ISLAMABAD (Online) - A Taliban plot to snatch Osama bin Ladens youngest widow from custody in Pakistan has been foiled, The Sun reports. Terror chief Mullah Omar ordered 500 men to raid a safe house in Pakistan where Amal Abdulfattah was being interrogated with two other wives of Osama, the report says, adding, It is believed that the location was leaked by an informer. However, the assault was cancelled when the trio and about five of Osamas children were moved after tip-offs, the newspaper reports. The Sun reported quoting an intelligence source as saying: For weeks weve been intercepting calls and getting alerts from our men in the tribal areas that the raid was on. Now we are all under orders to tighten security around the (Osama) bin Ladens family. Concern is so great we moved them three times in recent weeks. Amal, 29, was injured leaping in front of the Qaeda chief as US soldiers killed him in May. Sources say she is refusing to cooperate with them. The Yemeni-born firebrand has a daughter, ten, by Osama and officials fear they may be new figureheads for the terror organisation if they are sprung.