ISLAMABAD - The teachers of Federal Government Colleges will start boycotting all the classes in their respective institutions and hold protest demonstrations in front of National Press Club and Parliament House from Monday against the long-pending issue of upgradation as their negotiations with the Federal Directorate of Education failed. The FDE DG Atif Kiani and Senator DR. Saeeda Iqbal had a meeting with the representatives of the college teacher at Federal Government F-7/2 College. The DG informed them that the upgradation case had already been sent to the Finance Division for approval and now it was the matter of few days to get the formal approval of upgradation. But the teachers were of the view that We have been lolly-popped many times in the past. How can we believe a D. G who has been made impotent by Capital Administration and Development Division. He even cannot transfer a professor from one college to another. So we have decided to continue our protest till notification of upgradation. Meanwhile, they continued their protest on Saturday and boycotted two classes according to their protest schedule. They vowed that they will not end their campaign until their demands are met. The lecturers and professors of Islamabad colleges had decided to start a protest campaign from September 19 for the acceptance of their longstanding demand of upgradation on the call of F ederal Government Colleges Teachers Association. In the initial days of their campaign they boycotted the last two periods and first two periods respectively in their respective institutes and wore black armbands to protest the non-implementation on the upgradation decision. They have been demanding one-step upgradation like university teachers that was announced in 2006 on World Teachers Day by the then prime minister Shaukat Aziz. Teachers of universities were instantly upgraded within a limited timeframe of a few months. The college lecturers were also given assurance that the upgradation was for college teachers too across the board because logically college and university teachers are recruited through the same procedures, hold the similar qualifications and do exactly the same nature of job. The decision was implemented in universities but not in colleges due to the apathetic attitude of the FDE towards teachers. Now college teachers are appointed in grade 17 and universities teachers in grade 18 despite having the same qualification, according to them. Its important to be mentioned here that, though, the lecturers and professors of Model Colleges have the same issue but they have not been protesting like Federal Government College teachers.