After the Arab Spring, now it is the Ajam Spring that is sweeping Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran (the non-Arabs). The Arabs revolted against their despotic rulers, while the Ajamis have revolted against the global hegemons. The resistance against the Soviet hegemony started in the early 80s, resulting in its defeat and disintegration. The same mujahideen, later known as Taliban, challenged the US hegemony and in a short period of 10 years have inflicted a shameful defeat on it, which the Americans are not prepared to accept. Hence, the Taliban are not willing to give them the safe exit, which they gave to the Soviets in 1989. This is the dilemma that the Americans are facing now, while the Taliban working on their 'new strategy have struck at the political and military nerve centres of Kandahar and Kabul, putting the occupation forces in a state of disarray. The 'new strategy started with the attack on the Kandahar jail, in which over 500 of their hardened fighters escaped, who, together with the lashkars, have carried out massive strikes on the American Embassy, and NATO, CIA and Peace Committee headquarters at Kabul killing over 270 Americans in three months. With this, the CIA, which had been feeding the Americans on false claims of victory, could provide no justification and decided to pass on the buck to the Pakistani intelligence agency, accusing it of supporting the Haqqani network and carrying out the attacks. These accusations were followed by diplomatic warnings, intimidations and outright threat of unilateral action against Pakistan. The pressure continued to build up, creating a state of fear of the unknown. Under this situation, in a televised interview aired on September 24, 2011, informing the nation of the impending threat and an urgent need to take defensive measures, I had warned: Mobilise the armed forces now to face the threat; prepare the nation to solidly stand behind them; call upon the tribals to join the army; and, if Pakistan is attacked, carry the war into the Afghan territory where the Taliban and the Afghan freedom fighters will join us to eliminate the occupation forces, which would not be able to face the furry of the Pak-Afghan surge. China and Iran are with us and Russia would prefer to watch the fun. The very next day, Pakistans armed forces moved into their battle locations on the Pak-Afghan border. The political leadership also rose to the occasion, mobilising the public against the impending threat. As a result, fear and despondency gave way to confidence and self-assurance to the nation. Henry Kissinger and Sirajuddin Haqqani had warned the hawks at Pentagon against adventurism in Pakistan, since it would expand beyond control. The message was taken and dialogue was preferred. While the timely action by the armed forces deterred aggression and has emboldened our political leadership to come out with brave statements. But the APC is out of place, while Parliament is the right forum to discuss issues of national interests. However, unfortunately, Parliament has lost its lan because two of its earlier resolutions on drones and the Abbottabad attack are lying in the dustbin. Under the circumstances, the best option for our political leadership is to 'follow the lead given by the armed forces whose commander, President Asif Ali Zardari, prefers to maintain silence. But behind this silence is the diplomatic feat he has achieved. Alhamdulillah, Pakistan is not alone and the credit goes to Zardari for raising the 'geopolitical security cover for the country, i.e., China and Irans unflinching support in our hour of need. In so doing, Zardari has crossed the 'red line, as Bhutto did and had earned the wrath of the hegemons. The Presidents life is in danger; he better take care of himself. Ten years back, I had warned General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on September 24, 2001, in a meeting that his decision to join the American war against the brotherly country Afghanistan was unethical and immoral, and that it would cause great harm to Pakistan. Ultimately, the war would be reversed on Pakistan with a dangerous fallout. And despite the odds, the Taliban would emerge victorious and the Americans and their allies would be defeated and their defeat would be worse than their defeat in Vietnam. And you, as the President and Chief of Army Staff, will suffer shame and disgrace for having compromised on the blood of thousands of mujahideens, who have laid down their lives for the freedom of Afghanistan. Time has proved that I was right. These are historic moments and a turning point for the Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran struggle against global hegemony. It bonds the three nations together for a common cause ultimately forming into a union. It is the realisation of my dream of 'strategic depth, which I first spelled out to my formation commanders and the officers at the Rawalpindi garrison on August 25, 1988: We are witnessing the dawn of a new era. Afghanistan is free after the defeat of the Soviet Union. Iran has emerged stronger after eight years of brutal war with Iraq and the Islamic Revolution has consolidated. Pakistan has opted for democracy after 11 years of military rule. This is the moment of 'triumph of freedom for all the three countries. Freedom beckons us to unite and gain 'strategic depth to safeguard our national security interests. So it has taken 30 years of turmoil, treachery, brutal wars, and death and destruction to push the three countries together into a common bond to provide the much needed depth of security in all its dimensions. The sun is rising and we can feel the soft fragrant breeze of the Ajam Spring comforting our tormented souls. The writer is former chief of army staff, Pakistan. Email: