The next episode of the plot to defame Pakistans intelligence agency and military has been released. This time the US top brass is weaving ISI link with Haqqani network, the same Haqqani group which was once the apple of Uncle Sams eye. At that time it was needed to knock down USSR and now it is necessary to uplift the sagging fortune and plummeting reputation of Obama Administration which has literally collapsed in the whirlpool of economic crisis. After wasting a decade in Afghanistan and faced with daunting economic crisis the superpower is all jittery to pack up and leave from Afghanistan. Recent attacks including the firing on the Chinook carrying a seal team, the suicide attack that injured 70 US troops in Kabul speak volumes about the loss of control over area by the Afghan government and the foreign troops. All these attacks took place deep inside Afghanistan, which is obviously quite far away from North Waziristan. Its not only the financial crisis which is creating problems for the US but the frustration and anger of the American soldiers in Afghanistan that has reached its peak. In fact the series of attacks against US and NATO has badly hurt the morale of American soldiers. Besides it has embarrassed the US military and their spy agencies which failed to defend the lives of their diplomats and soldiers. Subsequently, the US military and CIA without answering the question that why the CIA, NATO, US military, Afghan national Army and police failed to secure the area between Kabul and Pakistans border, the US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen simply blamed Pakistan. The truth is that US has not presented any proof which can show or prove Pakistan responsible for its suspected links to Haqqani group. It also needs to be discussed whether Haqqani group is the only problem in Afghanistan. Is that the reason why the US is forcing Pakistan to take action against this group? Moreover if the insurgency in Afghanistan is only run by Haqqani group and use of force is the only option left to resolve the problem in Afghanistan then the US by now, would have brought it under control. Moreover, it has been clarified by Sirajuddin Haqqani through an interview to Reuters that his fighters are not based in North Waziristan. Hence the US need to move to other options rather than merely pressurising Pakistan for opening a new war front. Because it is clear that the US is raising a hue and cry about Haqqani for its own interest as said by many western analyst as well that like Al-Qaeda, about which no one had ever heard prior to 9/11, the 'Haqqani Network has emerged in time of need to justify Americas next warPakistan. MAIMUNA ASHRAF, Islamabad, September 30.