ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has written to the Pakistan Army to provide particulars of health officials who availed government programmes for higher education abroad and did not return, so that action could be taken against them.

The army had asked the PM&DC, regulatory body of medical education in the country, to cancel the registration of the doctors who graduated from the Army Medical Colleges and when sent to foreign countries like the US, the UK and Australia for further studies, they did not return and settled there.

It is important to be mentioned here that no Pakistani doctor can practice in Pakistan or abroad without being registered with PM&DC or without being in good standing with it. According to information, though the Council has been cancelling the registration of fake doctors and taking disciplinary actions against health officials but it is for the first time that any medical institution has asked PMDC formally to cancel the registration of the doctors who availed various scholarship opportunities and did not return back as per the agreement. According to the Army laws they can be awarded lifetime sentence if they return back.

PMDC Registrar Dr Raja Amjad Mahmood, when contacted, said: "The letter sent by the Army mentions only the names of 10 doctors and use the word 'deserter' but to take any action we need more details so we have written to the Army to send their details and what action the Army itself has taken against them yet."

He said such matters are referred to the disciplinary committee of the Council to recommend any action but "we have to be very careful as people go to the courts if PMDC cancels their registration so we have asked for further details to decide about their fate."

Principal addresses new batch of PGMI

Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute, Ameerud Din Medical College and Lahore General Hospital Prof Anjum Habib Vohra on Tuesday said that efforts to create a healthy society could not be successful without training young doctors on modern lines and encouraging research in medical institutions.

While addressing newly admitted doctors to PGMI at a ceremony held in connection with the starting of new academic session 2013-14, Prof Anjum Habib Vohra said “our doctors should adopt research and specialisation methods. PGMI has emerged as symbol of national unity and harmony by providing equal opportunities for admission to the doctors belonging to all the four provinces along with Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.