Life is very difficult for the lower and lower middle class, who are trying to live within their means, but dying is even more traumatic and harassing. The death of a close family member, such as the mother or father, are traumatic for a person in our society, but the worst is facing the strange legal and bureaucratic procedure to get one’s life in order after the passing. After a parent dies, a person has to go to NADRA to get a death certificate. It is ironic that an organization which has been unable to register all the living in Pakistan, wants me to come in and register my parents’ death. Then once this is over with, I have to go to court to get a succession certificate, which can take somewhere from six months to two years to attain. In this time, I have to starve as I cannot touch my parents’ money. If I am well off and can afford to bribe our lax judiciary and pay my lawyer a large amount, I may get this work done in six months, but what of those that can’t? What happens to them? All the talk by PPP and PML-N about democracy has given me nothing. Nothing has been made easier for me, rather, life has become more difficult. I would like to request the people in power to look at such matters and make it easy for the masses, and maybe Allah will make it easier for them after death.


Lahore, September 28.