ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PAT) Wednesday, brushing aside government's claims that sit-ins in Islamabad had caused a colossal loss to the country's economy, claimed that bad economic situation was not due to the sit-ins but because of the wrong policies of the present government.

PTI said that the country was facing worst economic crisis not due to the sit-ins in the capital but due to the fragile economic policies of the government, its worst economic discipline and its failure to overcome the energy crisis in the country.

PTI MNA Asad Umar along with two senior leaders of the party Dr Shireen Mazari and Dr Arif Alvi, holding a press conference at the PTI's Central Secretariat, said that the bad impact on the economic conditions of the country was due to the blockades in the capital, confiscation of containers and the threats spread through rumours from the government.

He said on the other hand, the government had to decrease petroleum prices, to withdraw its decision to increase the prices of electricity as agreed with IMF and to lift the ban on the government employments as a result of the sit-in of PTI and the masses benefited from these decisions.

"The government should face facts instead of holding responsible PTI for its failures," Umar said adding that weak economic policies of the government were cause of the bad economy. "His party has pointed out these loopholes on the floor of the National Assembly but the government has totally failed to bring economic discipline and to overcome energy crisis and that had direct effect on the national economy," he said

Asad Umar said that experts had already rejected claims of the government about 4.3 percent GDP growth. He viewed that at the initial stage, when the government came into power, there were signs to improve the economy but due to its inefficient monitory policy, absence of economic discipline and failure to overcome energy crisis, the large scale manufacturing index decreased to 112 from 138 point up till July 2014 and the growth rate decreased to 1 percent from 5 percent.

He also aid that the claim of the government was not true that sit-ins caused decrease in the rupee value as compared to dollar and said that decrease in exports, increase in imports and increase in the volume of current account deficit were one of the causes of rupee value decrease. "Till July 2014, exports witnessed decreased up to 11 percent, import witnessed increase up to 15 percent while current account deficit increased up to 1.4 with three times increase in it," he said.

He demanded of the government to announce special package for the traders of Islamabad to mitigate their losses. He alleged that the government did not provide relief to the masses with regard to oil prices despite continues decrease in their prices during the last five years in the international market.

Responding to questions, he said that PTI had offered the government to receive the Chinese president collectively to ensure his visit to Pakistan but the government did not respond in positive.

Responding a question, he said that the white paper issued by PML-N against the performance of PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was not based on facts. He said that PTI would respond to this white paper in a press conference on Friday.

PTI Central Information Secretary, Dr Mazari said that PTI had objection on the 6th point of the security agreement signed between US and Afghanistan and her party had informed Advisor to PM on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz in this connection.

She condemned the Prime Minister for not meeting with the Hurriyat leadership during his visit to US and said that they wanted to know what kind of deal the government had with India on Kashmir issue.