LAHORE - The PPP’s Secretary Information Qamar Zaman Kaira believes that political crisis is not over yet and the government is still on the danger list.

“The government has got some breathing space for the time being but the crisis is not over yet”, he said while addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club accompanied by Usman Saleem Malik, Zakarya Butt, Ashar Rana and others.

Kaira stressed the point that government should see reason and make sincere efforts to resolve the present conflict through negotiations with the PTI and PAT leadership.

The PPP leader urged the government to accept all Constitutional demands of the two parties except the one pertaining to resignation of the Prime Minister.  He viewed that government wanted to humiliate the parties staging sit-ins in the Federal capital by not accepting their genuine demands.  Kaira deplored that aggrieved families of the Model Town incident had not been provided justice despite lapse of over three months. The government is not making the JIT report public which carried hints at involvement of important government figures into the whole affair, he added.    Answering a question, Kaira made it clear that PPP would not support any move to dislodge the government by using the rigged elections as the justification.  To a question, he said PPP would have no problem contesting mid-term polls if such a decision is made by the government itself or the Judicial Commission confirms rigging in May 11 elections. The PPP, he said, was opposed to applying pressure on the government to hold mid-term elections and asking the Prime Minister to resign before conclusion of the Judicial Commission report.

He contradicted media reports attributed to Opposition Leader Khurshid Shah about resignation of the Prime Minister and mid-term elections. “Khurshid Shah has not said anything like this”, he said, adding, that media men should have confirmed the story before publication.

Responding to anther question, he said that PPP’s public rallies of October 18 and November 30 were not in response to political gatherings by any other party.   Responding to Dr Qadri’s claim of bringing about a‘green revolution’, the PPP leader said that revolutions had always been bloody. “The world has not witnessed any green revolution so far”, he said. “Any revolution in Pakistan would come only through the course of Constitution”, he observed.  Kaira asked Dr Qadri to seek people’s mandate first and then amend the constitution through Parliament to introduce the desired changes necessary for his green revolution. 

Responding to PTI chief Imran Khan’s criticism on CoD, he said that it was a public document not devised in secrecy. He, however, said that CoD may be reviewed to accommodate new ideas.  To a question about Bilawal’s apology to the party men, Kaira said that PPP government and its Ministers might have made some mistakes in the past and Chairman Bilawal apologised over the issue.