Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan on Wednesday attributed most of the time of his speech for women as his party had specified the day for women at the sit-in venue. While standing among the women leadership of PTI and his women supporters at his container parked at the D-Chowk of the capital, Imran Khan stressed that the society should give respect to women as they have great role in the building of a nation. “There should be respect for women in any civilized society,” he said.

Imran Khan also said that the nation would have to get freedom from the slavery of Western civilization and there was no need to follow the lifestyle of the advanced nations.

The chairman PTI said that he at a number of times refused offers to take money from some foreign countries as well as individuals in the name of party funds while the Gulf states and many foreign countries had given money to the present government. “After last year my Lahore rally, a person offered to give me three billion rupees as party funds,” he said, adding that he refused to take the money. Imran said that if he received the money from that person then he would exploit him (Imran) when his party come to power.  Similarly, he said that a foreign country had also offered him money but he had refused and had said that he would make investment offer to it after coming to power.

At the same time, Imran Khan said that he always collected money for the bigger cause as he had gone to the bazaars when he had needed money for his hospital, Shaukat Khanum Caner Memorial Hospital. “If I had to beg money on roads for the country, I will do this,” he said.