LAHORE - In response to a report published in a section of the press, a spokesman for the SNGPL said it had been wrongly alleged that the gas company had started implementing a plan under which new fast-running meters would be installed in posh areas which would show more units as compared to actual gas consumption. “This is absolutely baseless and misleading. In fact, company procures meters as per standard specifications, which are in line with international codes and standards. Moreover, laboratory and field tests are performed to assess the performance and accuracy and only those meters are procured which meet the relevant codes and standards,” he stated.

“The company has procured different types of domestic meters over the period of time to meet its demand for new connections as well as defective meter replacements which are being utilised by the regions. Due to increase in gas loads in the domestic sector owing to utilisation of various gas appliances, including large heating system, swimming pools and generators, installation of properly sized meters has become very important to ensure measurement accuracy which is being accomplished. All material procurements by SNGPL, including meters, are undertaken in compliance with public procurement rules,” he added.

He further clarified that the reporting on purported extension of job of M Arif Hameed was based on distortion of law and misrepresentation of facts relevant to the matter. The law says that the incumbent managing director of a company on retirement shall continue to perform his functions until his successor is appointed by the board of directors after due process of advertisement etc. The board of directors of the company in accordance with the law passed a resolution that Muhammad Arif Hameed shall continue in office till the final appointment of the managing director is made by the board of directors and as such impression of any favoritism by the government is totally misleading, the SNGPL spokesman concluded.