Senate Defence Committee Chairman Mushahid Hussain Sayed Wednesday urged Pakistan and India to prepare a joint strategy for preserving environment and combat the consequences of climate change and global warming in the Siachen region.

Briefing media about his committee’s visit to Siachen, he proposed a three-point plan for peace in Siachen and termed it as a pointless conflict of the last 30 years, waste of human and material resources.

He was of the view that demilitarization of Siachen would be beneficial for both the countries and suggested conversion of Siachen into a peace park. He said that the area could be utilized for mountain tourism and expeditions under the auspices of the UNEP and World Tourism Organization (WTO). Mushahid opined that time has come for both the countries to collaborate on environment, climate change and issues of global warming.

Mushahid lauded the sacrifices of the valiant soldiers of the Pakistan Army who are defending the motherland despite extremely difficult odds in the world’s most difficult terrain in the highest battlefield. 

He said these troops are a role model for the entire nation and the Parliament of Pakistan fully stands behind our men in uniform in Siachen, as they are a source of inspiration.

He urged that Siachen be no longer treated as an issue of national security by India and Pakistan rather this is more an issue of human security and the need to protect and preserve the environment.