WASHINGTON : Pakistan will host the 75th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee in 2016, the Pakistani embassy said here after the ICAC Standing Committee accepted the country’s offer in this regard. The ICAC is an association of governments of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries, and serves as an objective forum for discussion of matters of international significance, pertaining to cotton. It also provides opportunities for industry and government leaders from producing, consuming and trading countries to consult on matters of mutual concern. Its Secretariat is located in Washington DC.

Pakistan is a longstanding member of the ICAC and participates actively in its deliberations. With the production of 2.08 million tons of cotton in the most recent season, Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world. With the mill use of cotton to the tune of 2.27 million tons, it is third largest, mill user of cotton, in the world. Pakistan is, furthermore, a leader in scientific research on cotton.

Pakistan had earlier hosted the ICAC Plenary Meeting in Lahore in 1951.