Islamabad - From marriage ceremonies to becoming parents everything is now happening in the sit-in of Pakistan Awami Tehreek where a female participant on Thursday gave birth to a baby girl .

The baby girl was born to Allah Ditta and his wife. The couple is resident of Pasrur and they have been in the federal capital to participate in the sit-in of Dr Tahir ul Qadri since long. Both the husband and the wife are followers of Dr Qadri.

The couple named their daughter as Kaniz Fatima and took her to Dr Qadri for his prayers.

Dr Qadri recited the Azan (call to prayer) in the baby girl’s ears. The baby girl is getting fame as ‘revolutionary child’ and the participants at the scene are calling her with this name.

All the workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek were witnessed celebrating the birth of the aforementioned baby girl and people in large number visited the tent of the couple to congratulate them.

Dr Qadri also presented sweets to the girl’s parents and performed the ritual of putting some honey in the baby’s mouth. Qadri also prayed for long and healthy life of the baby. Dr Qadri also gave an amount of Rs 5000 as present along with other gifts to the baby girl .