Nandipur power project has become a veritable Waterloo of PML-N. The escalation of colossal funds on its construction from reported 21 billion to 81 billion is mind boggling. The third time Prime Minister and fourth time CM Punjab appear to be squarely responsible for omissions and commissions on the project. Money has been squandered on this failed project and enquiry has been launched by PM after all this fiasco. Would this enquiry meet the fate of other enquires held so far. When an enquiry is held by those responsible for the loss of billions of rupees the outcome will turn into smoke at the end.

However this project would make or break the self righteous PML-N which cannot see any wrong having been done during their charge. The remnants of late Gen. Zia-ul-Haq are serving as a curse for Pakistan. The PML-N supremo who earlier claimed to fulfill the mission of his mentor is now at a distance from his earlier stand but the damage has been done to the country which cannot be repaired unless and until the Sharif family becomes new born Muslims in spirit and in its action but it is said that a leopard cannot change its spots. Old habits die hard and Pakistan is unfortunately loaded with the family group of a well entrenched party from which there is no visible escape!


Lahore, September 15.