A: I don't see why I have to go thought this. I don't want to go. They all treat me like I'm from a backward race.

S: Your cousins?

A: Yes. From my mother's side. They all went abroad to study and roll in money.

S: Really... Well I went to school abroad.

A: You're different. You took the time to get to know me. You didn't judge me for not having an accent or not wearing hip clothes. As children we were fine. But as we grew up they became more and more aware of the fact that I was poor. I didn't have the newest toys or the smartest clothes.

S: I guess children are that way. They can be so mean. And I know the type of kids you're talking about. I was one of them. But the same education that you deride is what helped me realised that human values are all the same at the core and we are all the same. We need to come together for our common humanity rather than ridicule each other for our differences.

A: But these cousins never realised anything. They still look at me with a certain look of pity.

S: Yes, but it goes both way. You think I can walk into a room of people like you an not be met with a certain degree of displeasure? It's just a result of social differences.