Lacks of harbour in Mubarak Village


Karachi’s second largest fisherman locality, Mubarak Village , does not have a jetty despite the fact that it has existed even before the British rule. Most of the local people are employed in the fisheries industry. These neglected fishermen hail from a lineage of forefathers that has lived here for nearly 200 years. The village is 30 km away from Karachi city with a population of more than 10,000 people. 

The fishermen are facing a lot of problems, especially in unloading fish from boats, because there is no facility of a jetty in the area. Most of these fishermen are dependent on small boats which are built in a traditional style. Because of their conventional style, these boats are unable to sail in stormy weather or when there is a strong current in the sea. As a result of that, the fishermen have to suspend their activities, sometimes as long as for four months. 

We urge the government to construct a jetty at shore of the Mubarak Village so that fishermen do not need to suspend their fishing activities. 


Karachi, September 11. 

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