Islamabad: Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said that government through constitutional amendment is going to torch  the camps of democracy itself.

While talking to a private media channel on Monday Sheikh Rasheed said that government will not be able to do so and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would also think more than 101 times before supporting  government in such step because parliament is not meant for saving one man. .

He said it was said in the meeting of parliamentary committee for accountability that ruling party desired to make further amendments to the constitution that laws of election commission and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Act  will be changed in a way that army and Judiciary would be brought under  the ambit of NAB.

AML chief claimed that many constitutional amendments pertaining to  Army powers, promotions and Budget are part of  PML-N government plan. Committee next meeting will take place on October 04, he added.

Sheikh said that Nawaz Sharif has the agenda that if he is not there then anything can not run. Nawaz has been ousted from politics and perhaps he will now derail system too.

Currently there are only two state institutions  in the country one is the judiciary and the second is Army and war is being fought against the army of this country, he added.

He said he does not consider PPP Chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari “a political figure but he is not so foolish that he will side with Nawaz Sharif in the prevailing system.

He also demanded of Army and Judiciary to constitute election commission for general elections of 2018 adding if interim set up is not made transparent then next election does not seem to be taking place.