While the world eagerly awaits rain as one of the blessing of Almighty, and are also considered as harbingers of good fortune, it is the other way round in Karachi, where the news of a rain spell is considered more as a warning rather than an intimation from the meteorological department.

This is largely due to the weak infrastructure of Karachi, which exposes its true loop-holes during prolonged rain spells. Mountains of garbage invade the city destroying the fragile civic infrastructure while the stakeholders and administration continue to blame each other for lack of funds and resources. The water that accumulates everywhere destroys roads, enters homes, damages vehicles and endangers power infrastructures and street lights potentially causing serious accidents. The people who stay at home are not safe either, as waterlogging inside homes in low lying areas also results in avoidable fatalities due to electrocutions from otherwise safe home electrical devices such as motors, water coolers and generators.

As the mayhem continues authorities seem to be sipping on their tea cups or resting under the bridges, while the city slowly steps into its grave. It is requested to the responsible administration of the metropolis to take notice and ownership of the forgotten city which awaits the ‘real change’ in complete despair.