UNITED NATIONS - Tributes poured in for the outgoing Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi from her counterparts at as the news spread that she was leaving the post.

In a stream of messages to Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Ambassadors and permanent representatives praised her diplomatic and political skills and the way she promoted Pakistan’s cause at the world body.

“You are one of a kind - a savvy, wise, experienced diplomat, endowed with a great sense of humour and a lot of compassion,” Jordan’s Ambassador said. “Will miss your warm hospitality. The UN & NY will not be the same.” 

Lebanon’s Ambassador said, “You are an amazing diplomat and an asset to your country and to women everywhere. You set a new standard for being a representative of one’s country.”

Qatar’s Ambassador said, “Still can’t believe you are leaving us, I will miss you, you are truly a remarkable diplomat, a pillar of the UN NY community that will never be forgotten, you have set a great example for female diplomats everywhere.” 

New Zealand’s Ambassador said,  «You have been such a radiant figure, who firmly advocated for your country’s interests. It was also great to share with you some non-work chat over cricket!”  Canada’s Ambassador said,  «You have performed your role with intelligence, dignity and utmost competence.  Turtle Bay will never be the same.  We will miss your charisma and refinement!”  

Maldives’s Ambassador said, “You have held the position with distinction, grace and sophistication; you are indeed admired.”

Morocco’s Ambassador said, “What a sad news.We will miss you as friend as colleague...”

Ghana’s Ambassador expressed her view and said, “Your skill and professionalism as a diplomat is exemplary and truly admired. 

Suriname’s envoy said, “As a poised and resolute leader you have been an inspirational role model to many other diplomats!” 

Indonesia’s  Ambassador said, “You are one of the first Ambassador that gave me tips on how to survive in this maze of UN New York. Thanks so much for the exemplary diplomacy, collaboration and most importantly the friendship all these years.”

TSaint Vincent and the Grenadines’s envoy,  «I am going to miss seeing you in the halls (of the UN). But I know that wherever you go you will be lighting up your space and  inspiring the people who inhabit it.” 

Kazakhstan’s Ambassador said, “You are a great personality and outstanding professional, a good friend and gracious host.”

Egypt’s Ambassador said, “Will miss you too much and hope our paths will come across again”.

Kyrgyzstan’s Ambassador said,  «It has been a great honour and real pleasure to know and work with you! 

Brunei’s Ambassador said, “You are truly a fine example of an exemplary diplomat and I will definitely miss you.. you are also a true friend and a very warm person whose company I enjoyed most. “

Norway’s Ambassador said: “Very saddened you are leaving, the good news is that we will still enjoy your skilful diplomacy and your delightful company throughout October.”

Ireland’s Ambassador said: “There’s never a good time to lose an outstanding diplomat and a primus inter pares of the sisterhood. We will certainly find occasion to wish you well many times over.”