Football in Pakistan has seen a sharp decline in the last twelve years. This is because the management committee is plagued by individuals following their personal interests. That fact that the global governing body of football had to step in and sort out the issues created by domestic powers-sharing disputes should be a sharp reminder of how dysfunctional the management of football in Pakistan had become. It should also be a sharp reminder that all those associated with the management in this period are guilty of this decline and need to go.

FIFA has currently appointed a Normalisation Committee to deal with the issues of football in Pakistan and to streamline the management that is not focusing on the growth of the sport. Unsurprising those who stand to lose the most from a neutral arbitration are the ones making the most noise. Faisal Saleh Hayat is one of the members due to which the controversy was sparked and prompted FIFA to take action. Hayat has been religiously opposing the Normalisation Committee, accusing it of being biased and working against the progress and development of the sport in the country. FIFA, however, has decided to go ahead with the Normalisation Committee and entrust the members appointed to do their job.

The government along with members of the PFF have been against the total control of Hayat on the PFF and wanted him removed in the previous elections too. Based on his performance and the ranking of the Pakistani football team, it is best to back the initiative of FIFA and ensure that the Normalisation Committee faces no challenges in the performance of their duty. It is also time that new administration is brought in at the PFF, as new ideas can improve the current set up and improve the chances of growth of Pakistani football players.