The Supreme Court of Pakistan Wednesday ordered a man to provide due share in property to his two sisters.

The apex court conducted the hearing of a case related to the distribution of property which led to a dispute among Abdul Ghafoor, a resident of Peshawar, and his two sisters.

As the hearing went underway, Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked that the parties have agreed for the distribution of the property. Justice Isa rejected to hear any other plea in the case until the implementation of the previous orders.

Justice Mushir Alam suggested the complainant paying an equivalent amount of money to his sisters in gold if he does not want to get involved in interest-based transactions.

The judge added, “If you want to follow Shariah, then d on’t add your personal desires into it.”

Justice Isa expressed outrage over the failure to implement directives of the court for the transfer of land to Abdul Ghafoor’s sisters despite spending three years in court trying to acquire their rightful property. He remarked, “The order of transferring 100 canal land to your sisters is not implemented since three years.”

The court directed Abdul Ghafoor to submit documents of the transferred land to his two sisters within two weeks and adjourned the hearing.