The ruling government Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) took an amazing decision to provide the Insaf health cards to journalists and other media workers across the country. As, the government planned to start on the project at the beginning of the month to complete the project by the end of October.

According to a report the cards will only be issued to journalists registered as voters at press clubs, while the voters list would be obtained from the presidents and secretaries of press clubs in September to issue the cards. The report further disclosed that the owners of cards avail free medical treatment up to RS725,000 at any government or private hospital. The step of the ruling government needs the appreciation of public since it is the first in the history of Pakistan that a government is providing a full funded opportunity to a group that always highlight the problems of others.

The public should encourage the decision of PTI government and the media should form the voice of the public to highlight the good deals of the government.