SIALKOT-The Punjab Rangers found the dead body of Indian BSF sub Inspector Pariposh Mondale from near Sialkot as the body reached here while floating in the floodwater in Naullah Aik from neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian BSF officials had formally contacted the Punjab Rangers and informed them about the dead body.

Indian BSF sub Inspector had drowned in flooded Naullah Aik on Sep 28, 2019. The body reached here along the Sialkot Working Boundary while floating in Naullah Aik.

However, the Punjab Rangers officials handed over the dead body to the Indian BSF officials during a meeting held at Zero Point in Sucheetgarh Sector along the Sialkot Working Boundary.

The Indian BSF officials highly thanked and appreciated this goodwill gesture by the Punjab Rangers as well, said the local officials of the Punjab Rangers.