KARACHI-We all adore Ramsha Khan, that pretty girl on TV we have been seeing a lot of lately, who has proved her mettle through her work in dramas like Wo Aik Pal, Daagh, Khudaparast, and Mah-e-Tamam. Ramsha became a household name after her exceptional performance in her hit drama “Kaisa hai Naseeban”.

Her acting prowess outshined many of the big names she has worked with and she deserves recognition for her knack of transforming herself into the crux of every character she performs.

This young prodigy has already experimented with a variety of things in only her first year in showbiz; with commercials, fashion shoots, a film, and hit after hit dramas and it feels like it is only the beginning.

We are being spoiled now adays with Ramsha’s completely different epitome in “Shahrukh ki Saliyan”, a romantic comedy drama.

The drama has an ensemble cast, like every other 7th sky production, besides Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan, there are veteran actors like Saba Faisal, Javed Sheikh, Rehan Sheikh and Hina Khwaja Bayat on board.

We have seen Ramsha’s talent in serious characters till now, but this time the powerhouse of talent is essaying a comic role as “Anoushay” in Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan.

With her amazing acting skills, her desi-western fusion dressing and adorable expressions, Ramsha Khan has really vanquished herself by exquisitely pulling off the character with utmost competence.

Her on-screen chemistry with Ahsan Khan is also gaining admiration by the audience and this couple is definitely stealing all the limelight with its romance and amusement.