District Badin is the largest district of southern Sindh consisting of five tehsils Badin, Matli, Tando Bago, Golarchi and Talhar. Badin District consists of 1.805 million population. Pakistan Post Office has been working /functioning in District Badin for a long time. The building of Badin Post Office is in the dangerous condition as it has never been repaired by the government.

It is adversely damaged at different times like in the storm of 1999, the deluge rains of 2010 and the unfortunate incident of Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in 2007. At the occasion of Benazir Bhutto’s death it was entirely burnt and due to this it was decayed badly. The building about fifty years old may cause a huge loss due to the negligence about the condition of this building. It is regretful to say that with the downfall of Badin Post Office it has also been facing the challenge of staff shortage. The govt. of Pakistan should take necessary steps to improve the condition of Pakistan Post Offices and to modernise it so that this department can be proved a profitable department for national cause.

If quality services would be provided by the Pakistan Post Office it would reroute people from using highly paid services like OCS, TCS etc towards the services of Pakistan post offices. It is a humble request by the citizens of Badin that some necessary steps must taken to maintain the neglected building of Post Office Badin so that it can perform its role for the development of Pakistan.