The addresses of the 74th UN session was tasked to different World leaders with different problems faced by world but the discussions and speeches were only about the national interest of every representative nation at the General Assembly. The policy of nationalist and patriots was apparent but the policy of globalists depressed at large. The focal person of the UN Stage was American President Donald Trump, being the most powerful person in the comity of nations and all issues were said in a way to convey the different concerns to him. In fact, the material and economy prevails all. The modern concept of power relates to bigger economies. Different issues were discussed. Like Climate Change, on which Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg showed the dire concerns. Moreover, she rightly uttered that World leaders have stolen humans with empty words. People are suffering, people are dying. All world can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. For more than 30 years the science has been crystal clear. The dream of climate crisis free world has only become a dream. At climate summit, it was reiterated that it is a moment of truth to speak out loud. United Nations tried to inject fresh momentum into stalling efforts to curb carbon emissions demanding the governments to take urgent steps to tackle the climate crisis and prevent an environmental catastrophe. Pakistan is amongst the top ten most vulnerable countries to climate change. World is not taking it seriously and spreading insecurity and rising inequality. There is no doubt that world is in an environmental emergency and law should above power.

UN listed 77 countries that had committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, although those countries combined produce significantly less than half the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Seventy nations also pledged to do more to fight climate change, 100 business leaders promised to join the green economy and one-third of the global banking sector signed up to green goals. Still, the large number of coal power plants that are scheduled to be built is “a looming threat,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, repeating his call for no new coal plants to be built after next year.

Not enough had been done to stop global warming and stem the climate crisis. Despite some significant commitments from small and medium-sized countries to limit emissions - and a few other notable announcements - the long-heralded gathering lacked any big moves by major nations.

Another issue is an unprecedented threat from intolerance, violent extremism and terrorism” that affects every country, exacerbating conflicts and destabilizing entire regions.

“The new frontier is cyber-terrorism — the use of social media and the dark web to coordinate attacks, spread propaganda and recruit new followers. The response to the “unprecedented” threat “must complement security measures with prevention efforts that identify and address root causes including fake news and fifth generation warfare, while always respecting human rights.” One of the other major concerns was the Iran’s response to talks under sanctions and any kind of illegal sanctions are not beneficial hindering a country’s economic recovery. Negotiations are the sole solution for Iran and America and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is asked to play his role of mediation by President Donald Trump and other world leaders also supported the narrative of talks for resolution of all outstanding issues between both the countries as the situation between both the countries is quite tense. While Hassan Rouhani said Iran had “resisted the most merciless economic terrorism”. He also warned that the Gulf region was “on the verge of collapse, as a single blunder can fuel a big fire”. Iran has the opinion that the US had failed to solve conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and was not capable of playing a role in calming tensions and bringing peace to the region.

Iran intended to open to discuss small changes as well as additions or amendments to a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six major powers if the US lifted sanctions. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is in consultation “with friends and allies about the next steps to take” after an attack on September 14 on the world’s biggest crude oil processing facility which affected about 5% oil production of the world and will increase oil prices rampantly, but is waiting for some strong hints in the cover of investigations. But, US President Donald Trump who is in circle of impeachment, called on nations around the world to tighten the economic noose around Iran, saying no country should support Tehran’s “bloodlust”. Whereas India and Pakistan could come together to resolve their differences over Kashmir according to America but Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said he would like the US to use its influence to help for mediation and President Trump reiterated to Imran Khan that he would be willing to mediate between India and Pakistan over Kashmir if the both the countries agree. The issue which Imran Khan talked in most detail in his spectacular UN Speech was about the oppression of the people of occupied Kashmir with curfew for almost two months and rightly expressed his fears of a fallout. Pakistan isn’t a big market like India. Now it’s a matter of conscience for world community and narrated the story of peace gesture towards India after he came into power.

Greece and Turkey’s leaders discussed cooperation in stemming an uptick in migrant and refugee arrivals due to different armed conflicts and calamities all over the world.

In addition, Humans have right to defend their rights by all possible means regardless or consequences while remaining committed to international law and combatting terrorism.

Although Brexit repercussions were bypassed. Moreover, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rightly highlighted that Nuclear power should be free for all or banned. Because inequality between states which have nuclear power and those which do not undermines global balances. China’s trade practices were entitled unfair by America. Lastly, Islamophobia, blasphemy, human rights violations and money laundering was correctly made responsible for ‘devastating developing world’ raising poverty with the question mark on the purpose of formation of United Nations.