Democracy is the only form of government capable of representing people’s wishes and safeguarding their well-being. However, illiteracy can be rated as its biggest enemy because of its potential of creating such an environment that not only endangers the very existence of democracy but also deprives it of all the fruits that are promised by a democratic dispensation. Democracy and illiteracy, certainly and irrefutably, can never move together.

The fact that can be presented as the very first evidence to prove democracy’s incompatible with illiteracy is the electorate’s unawareness, which is caused by lack of education. This unawareness leads to unwise and imprudent decisions at the time of elections and resultantly, the state, despite having a democratic form of government, remains deprived of the most suitable persons to runs its affairs.

The government of Pakistan should try its hard to bring illiteracy down and promote democratic form of government. So that people can be rational and aware of their fundamental constitutional rights and they may understand the modes of life of the modern world. In comparison to other provinces of Pakistan, Sindh is more vulnerable in literacy rate because of poverty, unemployment, favouritism and nepotism, and feudalism. The Sindh Government needs to bring a huge change in its prevailing society. Otherwise the well-being of people of Sindh is impossible.