ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) expressing concerns on increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country urged the government to take appropriate measures to manage the situation.

In a statement on Thursday, the PMA expressed concern over the increasing number of Coronavirus cases again in Pakistan for the last two weeks, particularly in Karachi and Sindh. 

“It has been observed that even after the increase of Corona cases, people are not wearing masks, not keeping social distance. People might have perceived that there is no more Corona in Pakistan. It is very shocking that even in this situation people are not following preventive measures. People are commonly seen hugging and shaking hands with each other,” said the statement.  

The PMA said that after opening of all trades, businesses, government offices and educational institutions people were least bothered to observe SOPs. The situation in Pakistan was under control but Pakistan was not corona free.   

“Pakistan is at risk of a second wave of Covid-19. It has been observed that the second wave of Corona in the USA, UK, Brazil and other parts of the world proved more lethal and increased the miseries for human beings,” the PMA statement said.  

“PMA believes that it is time to properly manage the situation and the government should take appropriate steps to control the situation and stop it going towards worsening,” said the statement.  

It further said, “The government needs to monitor the situation closely and if cases are increasing in some area or institutions that must be locked again. 

Everybody should know that it is a viral disease and spreads rapidly, so we once again request all people to follow preventive measures.”  

PMA Secretary General Dr. Qaiser Sajjad said that educational institutes, hospitals, marriage halls and markets were more sensitive areas where SOPs should be followed strictly. In educational institutions primary and pre-primary classes needed more attention.  

He said it had been observed that ratio of children to Covid-19 positive was smaller but still they could be carriers of the virus and could carry it to their homes and spread it to their elderly ones like parents and grandparents. 

He said that PMA believed that till non-availability of Corona vaccine mask was considered a vaccine against coronavirus.  

Dr. Qaiser said, “The disease enters your body through eyes, nose and mouth so avoid touching your face and wash or sanitize your hands again and again. Parents should also keep on informing their children about the preventive measures of coronavirus.”