LAHORE - Frequent power shutdowns are causing a lot of inconvenience to the students. Students are compelled to take classes in hot and humid weather. Load shedding is affecting not only the timetable schedules but also the grades. Madeha Qamar, student of MSC, Applied Hydrology at Punjab University says I need internet for searching, my study hours get really disturbed because of massive and infrequent load shedding, adding that small dams could be the instant way out for the problem, small power houses could help generating electricity to great extent. I usually study at night because of the routine we follow. When I reach home at 3:30 am it takes me almost two to three hours to refresh. Our studies are tough and we usually study at night. In dim light I can't concentrate properly. Physically getting out of order my sleeping hours gets effected and I remain worried about my results, said Iqra Shafique student of BSC. Principal of University of South Asia, Arshad M Bhutta, opines that load shedding effect mentally, physically, and emotionally as well. Light is energy so when you are not getting it your body gets slow down automatically. But as elite class join here so they don't even have any problem at home. In comparison with the government institutes, he said we have our own generator so we are facilitating the students all the way. They are paying Rs 8,000 for comfortable atmosphere, how government institutes can do that with fees in hundreds. Muhammad Umar doing MBA in marketing from University of South Asia, says we come to the university for seeking guidelines but we have to work at home where I can study with full concentration. UPS even can't start internet, as it is an artificial way of producing the light. I have to search a lot for my assignments and to prepare presentations and it could be done in its best way with uninterrupted power supply. Miss Rubina, St Andrew's high school teacher claimed that government should at least reduce load shedding from the schools in the academic hours so that students can learn peacefully during the hours reserved for it. Creativity and attention come through brain, so children need expressions to show and could be done in conducive environment. Mr Obaid admin member at St Anthony High School showed his anger against the government which, he say, is playing with the future of children as they are the bright lights of the days to come. Abdur Rehman preparing for the CSS exams says in this exam one has to learn all the time in focussed state of affairs, unfortunately I am not getting it. I have to go to libraries for my studies but it get toughen for me to study for hours without light in the books. Darakshan Jamil doing BS (hon) from LCWU maintains that he really gets irritated with the load shedding when he is preparing for his next day presentation and the light goes off.