LAHORE - The Provincial Minister for Food Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that at least one million flour bags of 10-kg each, have been sent to the Ramazan Bazaars and trucking points in the province. He said that 9,48,000 flour bags of 20-kg were sent to such bazaars on Monday out of which 8,89,000 atta bags were sold whereas 58,701 atta bags were returned, as there were no buyers. The minister stated this while presiding over a meeting held to review the supply of flour here on Tuesday. The minister said that instructions have been issued to the agencies concerned to check illegal use and hoarding of subsidised flour. He said that people should also keep a vigilant eye on such elements, which are involved in hoarding of Sasta Atta. Malik Nadeem Kamran said that services of all departments have been placed at the disposal of DCOs for the preparation of sugar bags to streamline the system of supply of sugar. He said that Chief Minister Punjab has issued orders for the purchase of sugar at the rate of Rs 45 per-kg from sugar mills and to supply it in Ramazan Bazaars for Rs 40 per kg for the benefit of the people. He said that 14,95,590 packets of 2.5 kg sugar have so far been supplied in Ramazan Bazaars, whereas 91,347 packets of 2.5 kg were sold in Ramazan Bazaars the previous day. He further said that government is also taking action against the elements involved in profiteering. He said that 61,283 raids have been conducted during Ramzan-ul-Mubarak for checking overcharging and 5,947 cases have been registered for profiteering and 148 for not displaying rate lists. He said that a fine amounting to Rs 1,03,30336 has been recovered from the offenders.